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timetravel_fics's Journal

Time Travel Fiction
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This is a livejournal community for people who like to read, write or watch stories about time travel. Anyone who wants to may join.

We accept fanfiction of any fandom, original fiction, published novels and even films and television shows. You can post your own stories, or recommend someone else's; you can post plot bunnies and fic searches, and chat about just about anything to do with time travel. Slash, het and gen are all fine.

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Have an idea for a time travel fic you'd like to see written? Submit a prompt.

Or maybe you're looking for an idea for your next fic? Claim a prompt.

Posting rules

1. Please do not make off-topic posts without permission.
2. When posting fics or recommendations, please always include the titles and summaries, and where applicable the fandoms, warnings and pairings.
3. Please put any stories, even drabbles, behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to make them, go to the livejournal FAQ pages.
4. No fics with explicit depictions of children having sex.
5. Please make sure that you do not have any adult content visible; assume that kids could be visiting and put it in an lj-cut.